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I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union. I came to Israel after my motherland, along with its Utopia, disappeared from the world maps. Since 1992 I’ve got stuck between two utopias and started my wandering back and forth from "The Land of Patriarchs" to Motherland, in trying to overcome or come to terms with a sense of absurdity. To muffle and expose the false cries about lofty ideas that cover up the ugly reality.

After 20 years of working in documentary photography, I intend to extend the journey through time as well as space, by adopting the wet collodion technique, an early photographic process. At the time when photography as a medium is being devaluated, I’ve decided to slow down, to bring back the magic of silver image appearing on a blank glass plate. This is his photographic Utopia of the light

I'm working as a freelance with known magazines at Israel and abroad such, ’El Pais’,  'National Geographic', 'Geo', 'MasaAher', 'Menta', "Kommersant',. Also for weekly magazine extensions like 'G' Globes, '7Days'Yedioth Ahronoth, 'Musaf'Haaretz

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Most important projects:

  • Ukraine war 2022

  • "Borderline. Personalities. Disorder"- long term project

  • 'Route 60' - 2010-2013 - Route between the past to present, route that connect and divide, route that beside two parallel worlds that never meet...

  • 'The step from Edge' - 2009 - on going - along the borders of small Jewish state

  • 'The Duty' - 2000 - 2012 - The intimate look at Israeli military reserve forces

  • 'The portrait of the society' 2005-2014- learning Israel through shooting portraits

  • 'People Live Here' - Chechnya aftermath project - 2006

  • 'Color of Protest' - 2005 -Pulling out from Gaza Strip

  • 'Beslan Massacre' - 2004 - Tragedy at the North Caucasus(Russia) TV Journalist for Israeli Channel 2

  • 'Crossing Siberia' -2002 - hundreds of kilometers by foot across the barren taiga region, through Stalin’s abandoned Gulags.



Exhibition List:

Solo exhibition:

2023 “Personal War” – Sarajevo. solo exhibition during WARM Festival for War correspondenting 

2023 “The Face of latest war”- Solo exhibition on Bayeux Normandy-Calvados Award for war correspondents 

2021 "Borderlines. Personalities. Disorder" - solo exhibition (Be'ery Gallery)

2018 “Nature Installations”, - solo exhibition (Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv)


2020 Winners and Shortlist- Sony World Photography Awards :



2018 “Giphantie”, (Photolab Gallery, Tel Aviv)


2017 'Local Testimony’, (Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv)


2016 'Local Testimony’, (Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv)


2015 'Local Testimony’, (Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv)


2014 'Local Testimony’, (Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv(


2014 'All that Music '(Tel Aviv)


2014 'Life in Motion', (Tel Aviv(


2014 'South Wind' ('Light House' Gallery, Jaffa)


2014 'Summer' ('Skizza' Gallery, Jerusalem(


2012 'Frames of reality'(Amiad Gallery, Peres peace center, Jaffa(


2009 'Splicing of edges'(Amiad Gallery, Jaffa)


2006 'Local Testimony’, (Tel Aviv(


In the press


AFP item:


The Times of Israel:


Haaretz Photoblog:



"Borderline. Personalities. Disorder"-2021 Gallery Be'ery

'Frames of reality' - 2012




2015 The Artist Residence Herzliya, Israel


+972 544751126

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